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1 Yonge St #1850 Toronto
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GN is premiering “Student’s Choice”, a new core value which characterizes our support for every student’s right to pursue the school of their dreams. Our responsibility is to actualize those dreams.

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High Selectiveness, Limited Spots, Low Acceptance Rate

Global Top 50 Universities offer a very limited number of spots to a growing pool of international candidates every year. Chinese international students make up only 1% of the student body of top Universities, non-American/European candidates make up 9%, and the rest 90% are all American/European candidates.

Promises of GN Education

We work tirelessly to 100% guarantee our students’ acceptance into their dream schools.

We focus on applications only to Global Top 50 Universities!

We Only Charge for Offers, not Applications

GN promises you 100% success rate in your applications. Prior to paying fees, you will sign a legally binding contract with us, specifying that if there is NO OFFER then there shall also be NO CHARGE to you.

Highest Cost Effectiveness

GN promises that our services have the highest value to cost ratio in the market. Different from traditional education consulting agencies, we do not take commissions from any institutions because out only goal is to chaperone students into their dream schools.

Professional Mentor Teams

All of our mentors graduated from Global Top 30 institutions, and offer clients their years of expertise in education consultancy and their exclusive insight into the application process of top universities.
Top Admission Services Overview

e deliver the impossible into your hands.

Reach for the sky and we’ll deliver the stars to you.GN Education strives to actualize YOUR dreams every day! We will completely revolutionize your application experience: admission into Top 50 Universities is simple and streamlined with us!

After 2020, let your dream school say YES to you
We provide you the strongest vessel to set out on an overseas education experience
Global Universities Admissions

Low Barrier of Entry

100% Acceptance Rate

100% Acceptance Rate: No Offer, No Charge
No Language Requirements, No Foundation Programs Needed
Direct Entry to Your Desired Field of Study
We accept students with no strong resume
Global Excellence Admissions Project

Low Requirements

99% Acceptance Rate

Application and Academic Planning
Early Personal Profile Upgrade Planning
Standardized Testing Planning and Tutoring
Original Application Essays
Professional Mentor Teams
Limit-Exceeding Application
6 Major Study Abroad Destinations

Access your dream school offer NOW!

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